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An Emily and Dreyfus Adventure

“C’mon!  The last time I saw you, you had a gun in your hand, and you were selling my finger to the highest bidder.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but insurance adjusters don’t carry guns.  They don’t barter body parts.  And they sure as hell don’t ….”  Emily clearly wanted answers, and Dreyfus wasn't sure he wanted to provide them.


For Dreyfus Sinclair and Lady Perry-Turner, it might be love at first sight, but when their first date is postponed by a kidnapping, things go horribly wrong.  But Emily Perry-Turner is no damsel in distress and Dreyfus Sinclair is a lot more than an insurance adjuster.  Follow their adventures as they try to outwit Russian gangsters, deal with government secrets and rock the art world of Paris.  (And who is Sydney?)

WD is a rare find among writers. Whether he's offering a biting commentary on society, movie trivia, short stories or travel tips, the man can do it all. He has that way of describing or explaining things that makes you say, "that's exactly how I see it!" but you never quite knew how to put it before. WD does, and he does it quite well.

Christi – Minnesota


Blessed is this author for his brilliant stories, infused with warmth, humour and wisdom, teaching us to see the world through different eyes.

Chantal – Greece


Loved this … you just have a wonderful way with words and thoughts WD.

Claudette – Australia

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