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The Woman in the Window


There's a woman in the window and she looks at the world through the glass, but sometimes -- when the light is just right -- she can only see her own reflection.  The Woman in the Window is a collection of short stories about when the light is just right.

The Woman in the Window is not about relationships.  It's about the delicious ache in the bottom of your belly -- that sweet primeval that won't go away; the wolf of our emotions, hungry and hunting.  These eight tales are about people who have been living their lives cocooned in their accumulated habits, but suddenly, by chance or by choice, they travel beyond the reach of their familiar world.  Without the thin cloak of everyday life around them, they find themselves alone in the wilderness, trying to understand whether they are prey or predator.

Songs of Sylvia

Mrs. Ferguson kept a tidy house.  She loved her garden, sang in the church choir and exercised religiously three times a week.  Madison, her granddaughter, thought she was the perfect milk-and-cookies grandma.  However, grandmas don’t just magically appear out of nowhere.  Somewhere, they all have their own stories.  And sometimes, all it takes is an odd coincidence to open them up like a half-forgotten book.

When a young woman is abducted in Rome, that book opens for Madison and her grandma.  It takes them from the tidy little house in Denver halfway around the world to Istanbul.  It’s an exotic world where grandma’s old friends laugh and dance and carry guns.  It brings Mrs. Ferguson face to face with the girl she once was, the girl she thought she’d left behind.  And it shows Madison that her grandma isn’t exactly as advertised.

Non Fiction

Dogsh*t Without Tears


Dogsh*t Without Tears is a witty, irreverent and often ridiculously funny collection of blogs from the mind of W.D. Fyfe.  Nothing is sacred.  The guy has an opinion on everything from Time Travel and Trigger Warnings to Why [He] Hates Summer.  Enjoy such titles as Yes, We Have No Vaginas and The Power of “But.”  Find out why there is a War on Plaid and the historical significance of The Girl with the Anal Tattoo.  These byte-sized insights chronicle the teenage years of the 21st century from 2011 to 2019 with a bit of nostalgia thrown in -- just because.  If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, who are the 5 People [I’ll] Meet in Hell this collection is for you.  If you’ve never asked yourself that question, Dogsh*t Without Tears is still an excellent Christmas, birthday, wedding, divorce or graduation gift.  Think about it! 

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