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WD Fyfe

Before WD called himself a writer, he worked at a number of different jobs -- from stacking lumber to interior design. He studied English at UBC and creative writing at ASU.  He has written for radio, magazines and newspapers, but never television. He’s published both fiction and nonfiction in Great Britain and the US and has two collections of stories, The Woman in the Window and Songs of Sylvia. He has interviewed John Cleese, Peter Ustinov, Margaret Drabble, Kenneth Branagh and enough other famous people to make him a hopeless name dropper. He thinks he can read French (and kinda does) and speaks enough Spanish to get from A to B and find the toilet.  His not-so-secret passions are history and trivia, and he has never lost a game of Trivial Pursuit — although he did come 4th one drunken Quiz Night at the Uxbridge in Notting Hill, London.  He lives on the Pacific Ocean -- but not close enough to see the water.  So he spends his days writing a blog twice a week ( and working, (somewhat diligently) on a novel, No Safe Harbors (another Dreyfus and Emily adventure.)   It’s a wonderful life, and he has only one regret: he can’t type faster.

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