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Fiction - Emily and Dreyfus - Intro

You’ve probably seen Emily and Dreyfus. Perhaps they got out of a taxi as you were walking by. Or maybe you passed them in the park. You might have sat across from them in a restaurant. Or even exchanged small talk in the lobby of your hotel. Yes, you’ve probably seen Emily and Dreyfus, but you may not have noticed them – because they’re such ordinary people. He works for an insurance company and she’s an event planner – just another couple of young professionals. Every busy city is full of those, and most of us are too busy to see them. But wait a minute! Dreyfus Sinclair works for an old and established London firm, Hudson and McCormick, and we all know they don’t really follow the letter of the law, do they? So, part of his job description is to make sure that he and the things he does remain “invisible.” And he’s good at it, because he likes it that way. Emily, on the other hand, is the Duchess of Weldon, a fixture of the caviar and champagne circuit who knows and is well known by everyone who’s anyone. She has no secrets, except, perhaps, that in her real life, Lady Perry-Turner, is dull and dutiful, dreadfully lonely and up to her eyelashes in debt. They’re quite an unusual couple, but you can’t see that just by looking.

Remember the last time you went out to dinner? That nice man who held the door for you had a 9mm Beretta under his jacket. The stylish woman beside him with the “Good evening” smile was recently shot at by Albanian gangsters. The gentleman they met at the bar is the head of a government department so secret it doesn’t even have a name. And the taxi they came in was driven by the youngest son of one of the richest and most powerful people in the world. Do you remember any of that? If you don’t, it’s alright because the real reason you probably never noticed Emily and Dreyfus when you saw them (and you did see them -- somewhere) is you think they’re fictional. And the wonderful thing about fictional characters is -- we don’t always know the exact moment where our lives fade away and theirs begin.

Dreyfus and Emily’s adventures are coming soon.

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